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Was there a time I wanted to quit everything? Constantly.

With every change that happened, from leaving a job (twice), to taking on raising a child, being in a massive car accident that nearly killed us, to relocating back to New Jersey after spending 10+ years in Carolina, none of the choices I made would make sense to the majority. It has caused me over the years to learn that faith can get you through anything. 

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I started saying thank you more and it changed my life...

What would your life look like if you never knew how to complain and the only things you focused on were the possibilities? Like, you did NOT have the ability to complain, just the ability to find the bright side of a situation? I know, I know this sounds absolutely crazy (maybe even insane to some), but what if you trained your mind to see things this way. And how could your life be different with one simple change that starts a domino effect of abundance? Let me tell you more…

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11 of the Best Affirmations To Start Your Day

Affirmations are one of the most important pieces of my day and I have seen time and time again how much different a day can play out when I did not invest the time into my practice. No matter how your night before may have ended (I have a whole other process for night-time mindset work), you can begin each and every day with a fresh start on your mind. 

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