11 of the Best Affirmations To Start Your Day

Affirmations are one of the most important pieces of my day and I have seen time and time again how much different a day can play out when I did not invest the time into my practice. No matter how your night before may have ended (I have a whole other process for night-time mindset work), you can begin each and every day with a fresh start on your mind. 

Before taking my mindset seriously, I wouldn't be able to sleep due to constant anxiety and stressors from circumstances that weren't really a controlled commodity. Beginning a practice around affirmations can show you how small the things that are causing you havoc in your mind really are. Worrying can never solve or mend a situation - what it CAN do is add confusion and even more stress to your current state. 

The affirmations below can remove the worry and chaos from your mind in the beginning of the day so that your mornings get brighter, your days are more productive and your spirit is cleansed from the negative energy you once experienced. 

1. This day is a new creation that has given me another beautiful beginning to recognize the opportunities that surround me. 

2. Happiness is a choice that I make every single day. I choose to find happiness from the moment I open my eyes and dismiss any negative thoughts that come into my mind. 

3. I remember the commitments and goals that I have set for myself and smile at how easy it is for me to take actions towards completing & achieving them. 

4. My body is important to me and I will do things today that practice self-love. 

5. There is joy in my spirit because I fully believe in my skills and my abilities. 

6. I am worthy of all my desires and each one that crosses my mind is achievable. 

7. I am grateful for my spirit & my mindset that shapes around me. 

8. There is no other person that can defeat me buy myself. I am going forward with my strengths. 

9. I love and accept myself unconditionally. 

10. Today I will look around at each situation around me as an opportunity for growth and knowledge. 

11. My finances are always replaced and over delivered each and everyday. Money comes easily to me at all times. 

I begin each morning with affirmations that stimulate the beginning steps of my manifestation process. Are you ready to see how your life can be different by just implementing a simple task? You can write out each line every morning, read them allowed or add some mirror talk into the practice to add a mind visual connection to the words coming out of your mouth. 

Start here. Then add to the daily by following along with the steps and ideas I am adding daily. 

These are great mindset hacks even for the beginner. Did you get your 11 done yet today?

Feel free to share with us how this practice begins to shift your mind after completion.