How I lost 120+ pounds (that had nothing to do with diet or exercise)

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So here we are. You saw my photo, or someone shared this image with you and you just HAVE to know what I am going to share with you that is different than the diets you have attempted in the past, or the workout routine that is better than the last you heard about. 

Let me start off with this - if you are dedicated to changing and you want to know HOW I did this (and you can too), then all I ask is you read it until the very end. What I am going to tell you and divulge might blow your mind or it might make you roll your eyes. I am giving you all of me right now so give me a few minutes of you. 

Where are you in your journey right now? Are you at the point you really want to take action and begin the next step in your fitness journey? Or are you still in the same place where you tell EVERYONE around you that this is the time you actually start but you have yet to actually create a plan to get there?

Turn on the tv and you can see the next best treadmill or bike (not hating on Peloton) that can get you to your goals. Open up your facebook messenger and you have 14 unopened message from people you haven't spoken to in 7+ years but have the BEST weight loss shake, supplement or workout that you just HAVE to try. Then you get on to instagram and begin comparing yourself to the snatched & anatomically perfect body of someone that has a discount code for you to get 15% off the EXACT product to get them where they are. 

Truth bomb here *cue the bang*

  • It was not a diet that got me to my goal
  • it was not the workouts that allowed me to see this shift
  • it was not a facebook friend that shared an opportunity
  • it was not 2 hours of cardio

There was something else that had to happen. There was something that was SO basic, I haven't heard many ever begin with it first. I told others... actually wait - I TELL others all the time to being with THIS and the next question is "Ok... but what ELSE?"

What is this thing? Where did I begin? Why isn't everyone using this? Follow me down the rabbit hole....

All the things that I have achieved with my body goals, business goals, life goals, ANY OF MY GOALS... Began with the mindset to reach the goal. Mindset is what achieved my weight-loss. Mindset is what kept me going even when I was tired, when I didn't see any results yet and what I had to master before I went any further with my goals. 

Our subconscious minds make 95% of the decisions for us - whether we have realized they were already made up or not. If you have failed at getting your fitness goals off the ground and you REALLY thought you wanted them - you aren't telling a lie. Your conscious mind can make the decision to begin step one, but your subconscious can halt your next step before you even begin. The patterns that you have had a problem breaking repeatedly were already formed before you even knew it. If you can begin your goal process with a deep dive into your subconscious mind, I promise you the differences that you will see will be faster than ever before. 

Stop setting your body goals with someone else's body. Delete that picture of the instagram booty you want from that girl you follow and love all the posts she shares. Set your goals by seeing how YOU would look, how YOU would fee, how YOU will live. 

This is what my mindset work looks like on a daily basis [for my fitness goals]

  1. I began writing down how I would feel once I lost the weight and what things I could do again > buying new clothes, being in my bikini, how much easier it would be to walk around
  2. Daily affirmations to train my subconscious mind that I wrote down in the morning and repeated before bed 
    1. I am healthy, happy, and progressing every day.
    2. My fitness routines are easy for me to complete. 
    3. I am building my body into what I chose for it to become.
    4. I love my body 
    5. My diet supplies all of the nutrients I need
    6. etc......
  3. My studies of my subconscious mind began to drive me to set even bigger goals. 
  4. Mantras stop me from doubting myself when that fear monster comes to visit
  5. I muted anyone that told me I couldn't do it

That is the BIG simple part of the process that MUST be the beginning of what you ever you are starting. Maybe you CAN'T do that workout right now because it is too hard. Work on your mindset and gradually you will find it easier and easier. You have never been able to give up the sugar or the soda or stick to altering your diet more than one day? BEGIN WITH YOUR MIND. 

Now that we have come to the end of the not so secret tactic I used, answer yourself this question: Have I put my mind first before? Like ever?

You don't have to tell me the truth, but sharing complete honesty with yourself with allow this process to start a whole lot faster than not. 

My mindset with my fitness goals is the same plan I followed that allowed me to leave my corporate job and begin my business. The subconscious work I do daily helped me when I found my husband.  The mantras I work with every morning have caused my entire life to shift and it can happen for you too. 

Goals begin with mindset....  If you can start here, you will end there. Do this one thing and watch how different you can live out your life.