I started saying thank you more and it changed my life...


What would your life look like if you never knew how to complain and the only things you focused on were the possibilities? Like, you did NOT have the ability to complain, just the ability to find the bright side of a situation? I know, I know this sounds absolutely crazy (maybe even insane to some), but what if you trained your mind to see things this way. And how could your life be different with one simple change that starts a domino effect of abundance? Let me tell you more…

First things first - this HAS to be something you WANT to do. You have already made the decision in your mind that you will be committed to this new and simple daily practice. There might be doubts in your mind when you first begin but there also has to be a reason you are beginning this. You aren’t going to have to walk across burning sands, or sell all of your prized possessions so don’t worry there. What you ARE going to have to do is give it 21 days. Now it won’t take 21 days to see a difference (I have clients that have seen a shift in 2 days or less) but 21 days of commitment will make you never want to quit doing it as you create a new pattern.

Ready? Made your commitment to yourself? Ok now let’s go.

Step 1 - Start with the simple 10

This is where your gratitude practice should begin. We won’t overwhelm ourselves or overcomplicating the process. Beginning with the simple 10 is easy and will start a change in your subconscious immediately.

The simple 10 is just that - finding and documenting 10 things that you have to be grateful for right now. Just 10. If you want to go cray cray and go with 30 that’s fine too. But this isn’t about being an overachiever - it’s about finding new things each day to be grateful for and being able to write them down.

Think of when you wake up… what are somethings that you can be grateful for right away? I’m going to start with a few simple things that you can be grateful for RIGHT away…

  1. I am so thankful for the sunshine.

  2. I am grateful for the breathe in my body.

  3. I am thankful for the alarm clock that woke me up this morning.

  4. I am grateful for the laptop I have to documents my gratitudes

  5. Continue your first 10 with things THIS simple

STEP 2 - But why?

Look at your first 10 things that you have written down to begin with. As you continue your practice these gratitudes can become bigger and more detailed. The next step is reminding yourself WHY you are grateful for these things. Giving an explanation will assist you in all the things that this ONE thing you are grateful for connect you to.

As you begin to add details to your gratitudes, make them as descriptive as possible. How does it make you fee? What does it do for the rest of your life? How does this connect to the bigger goals and milestones you are working towards? The But WHY portion of your practice should look like this:

  1. I am so thankful for the sunshine because it gives me the vitamin D my body needs and helps the flowers around me bloom, bringing more happiness into my life. (so simple)

  2. I am grateful for the breathe in my body because I can’t live another day working towards my goals and being with my friends and family again. My breathe is what helps me get through my workouts and allows me to complete the workouts I enjoy to get to my fitness goals. (added details)

  3. I am thankful for the alarm clock that woke me up this morning because I was able to start my day and accomplish all the plans I wanted to.

Those are a few examples how you can begin to find your BUT WHYs. If you are anything like me, I grew up being taught to always say thank you but never taught to figure out why it was that I was saying thankful.

There are many people that I have met that ask me for help in getting their mind right but can’t find one simple thing to be grateful for, yet they say thank you all the time. Step 2 of this practice is going go train you to see the little things that you DO have that can lead to BIG changing when you are thankful for them.

Be sure to get comfortable with steps 1 and 2 because the next and final step is where the real change can be seen once mastered.

Step 3 - Grateful for the things that TEST you

Now that you have gotten into the habit of giving your gratitudes and thinking about all the reasons why - this is where the real test comes in. I would say that it is easy to find things to be thankful for when they are all good. I preach about positivity and putting the positive spin on things to eliminate negativity.

Happiness and being in the positive is always a choice but that is where people stop. This is not a light switch where one day you are completely plagued with negativity and complaints from all of your life to waking up the next with none of your old patterns or behaviors being present anymore.

Like I said in the beginning, it is a CHOICE to complete this new habit. If you are still following along, and having fun with your gratitudes it’s time to keep going with what I am going to ask you to do next.

What are the things that have tested you today? What are the things in your life that you never ever said thank you for because they seemed to have put a great deal of stress or pain in your life. These are the things that you find yourself complaining about the most or have created an environment of confusion in your daily living.

Here is my example of a way that I chose to give gratitude to a situation that seemed to be able to break me.


My car recently was acting funny, and the fan was still running when I got out of the drivers seat. It seemed a little off, especially since my car was only 4 years old. I looked at the engine and saw that the coolant was completely gone out of the reservoir and there was a visible leak. I had to take it to the mechanic with thoughts that this was a simple fix and I already told myself there was no way that the head gasket in my car could be gone. The good new? It was not the head gasket. There was a simple solution of fixing the water pump that would eliminate the leakage I had found. The negative? According to the dealership there was over $3300 of things that needed to be fixed in my car that I was unaware of before this happened. HERE is where the choice came into play.

Option 1: I could complain, cry, and ask why why why would this happen to me. I wasn’t in the market to buy a new car and the money was not something I had to put out. This was the worst thing that could happen at this very moment. Everything always happens like that to me. When it rains it poors and it happened again. I have no car and no way of getting around now. Everything is going to suck from here on out. I just can’t believe my faith let me down like this. Why would this….. etc.

Option 2: I am so grateful that this happened the way that it did. I am thankful that my car did not break down on the road as I was driving it or even worse cause myself or someone else to get hurt. There is a reason that I needed to take the car to the shop for a small problem to prevent a HUGE one and I am so glad it happened this way. I am grateful for the solution to this problem because every time that an issue arises, there is always a way out of it.

The two viewpoints of the problem were both OPTIONS. Because I was so used to finding and practicing my gratitudes, I chose option 2. I realized that the way I could view it in option 1 added nothing but more confusion. There was a solution out there for me to find because there is always a solution, even if I didn’t like it.

What are the areas in your life that seem to be troubling you the most?

Did you launch a new program and no one is buying? How can you be grateful for it?

Are your kids driving you crazy and things are getting difficult? How can you be grateful for it?

Did you recently get a no to a job interview or consulting gig? How can you be grateful for it?

Less money? How can you be grateful? Relationship Problems? How can you be grateful?


That is where the answer lies.

This is where you get uncomfortable. You either continue and make an effort at finding the positive in the test or turn around and go back to worrying about it, which in turn solves nothing. As you begin really looking at your trials and tribulations as areas of opportunity instead of hard stops, your life will change.

I started saying thank you more and my entire life changed. This is the real crossroads that cause a shift in my mindset. When I gave thanks more, I worried less.

Comment below and let me know how giving gratitudes after implementing this practice is changing your life too.

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