It HAPPENED because I said it would...

You landed on this page because you already know that you need what you are about to read and you want things to change in your life. You may have dabbled in the mindset work just a little, maybe you have no idea where to start, or perhaps you are a personal development PRO and you are looking for a little more insight to add to your mindset and affirmation flow.

This is nothing new, so why do so many people put this practice off for so long? I know that is what I did at one time and it delayed the results I was seeking for an extended period of time.

One of the practices that I have adopted in my business has been requiring my clients pick their daily mantras from day one. Celebrities from Oprah to Selena Gomez to olympic gold medalists have spoken publicly about their use of mantras and how this has contributes to their success. You do not have to be an A-list celebrity or olympic athlete to begin this practice. In fact, the sooner you get in the habit of making this part of your daily routine, the faster you will be on your accelerated path to success.

(at the end of this blog I give you access to a short recording that I have used to teach clients about mantras)

What you need to know first:

  • Mantras and affirmations are both very similar and have been known to be used interchangeably

  • YOUR mantra is just that, YOURS. What feels good for you may not make sense for someone else

  • Mantras assist you staying grounded where affirmations can also open your mind to even more thoughts

  • When picking your mantras you must be honest with yourself about what you want, need and are dealing with

Why do I need a mantra? & When?

Using your mantra(s) is a choice that you will make based on when you need it and the situation you find yourself in. A mantra by definition is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation, a statement or slogan repeated frequently. I have multiple mantras for the time of day, task at hand and even one personal mantra used to set myself up for success.

In 2010 when I weighed 258 pounds(true story) I made the decision to get back into the gym and change my life. Great idea right? Um yeah…. A little difficult? EXTREMELY. I had no idea what I was doing, I had no one to work out with, and I really didn’t think I could ever get through 20 minutes on a treadmill. THIS was my first experience activating a mantra to get through what I was going through.

Losing 110+ pounds did not happen overnight, but it also did not happen without the use of my mantra. I had a goal, I had a desire and I even had a workout routine created. That was NOT good enough. I also had to MAKE MY MIND UP and not forget why I was putting myself through the sweat and tears. My greater good had to be placed in my mind so that I would continue this (at the time) insane process.

So here comes mantra #1: My progress is being built every second of this workout.

When did I use it?

  • When I woke up and I didn’t want to get out of the bed at 5am

  • When I made it to minute 14 on the elliptical and had set a goal of 30 minutes but wanted to stop

  • When I went out to eat with my college friends and turned down drinks

  • When I began lifting weights and I wanted to tap out

The list could go on and on but since numbers don’t lie, I discovered a way I could measure my success and documented how easy the once difficult task became

Start here:

Now that I have explained when and where a mantra can come into play we can start creating the mantras that you need. (yes I said need because this is a necessity)

Ask yourself these questions:

What does my finish line look like? As in where what would I be saying to myself after achieving the goal I am chasing after?

What negative thoughts am I having about why I CAN’T conquer the hardships that might be in front of me?

__________________ is constantly on my mind. I think about this possibility constantly and it scares me.

What would I say to someone else to encourage and support them to get through what they are dealing with ?

Be honest. Be real. Be intentional.

A mantra will work best when you are speaking to your REALEST self. This is why I emphasize that the mantra must be YOURS. Every mantra doesn’t work for everyone, and there are no magical words floating around the universe with spell like abilities to make the process happen in an instant.

WARNING: You might just sound crazy to everyone else. This means it’s working….

After starting my business and creating a completely different career than anyone else in my then personal life, I will no longer deny how I was looked at for believing that I could make this idea an actual livelihood. It made absolutely no sense to the people that knew me or the networking contacts that I interacted with for years. I didn’t have to share my mantra(s) with them, and I actually wouldn’t recommend sharing all your thoughts with others that won’t get it. Quite honestly, sharing mantras and mindset practices are best revealed through practice rather than verbal vomit. Actions will always echo much louder than words that can simply be forgotten.

Having over 500 customers and clients has taught me that people LOVE to hear themselves saw what they will do, yet never do it. Many will attempt to tell me how they HAVE a mindset practice and use their mantras yet can’t give an example of how to deal with a difficult situation. Having a mantra and having a powerful statement on a pretty piece of stationary are not one in the same.

In addition to sounding crazy to others, in the beginning you might appear a little off to your biggest critic: i.e. yourself. A mantra is used to ground you when you begin to doubt your abilities, it is created to remind you of your why and activated when the inner chatter gets too loud.

What do you need to hear?

Is money what you keep thinking about? Does your body cross your mind by the minute every time someone else walks into the coffee shop and you can’t help but compare? Wait, let me guess. You are constantly subconsciously distracting yourself from the business you say you want when you dive down the rabbit hole on social media and look at all the others that already have that so how can you?

Yeah. All those things are normal and you aren’t the only one that is overthinking about all this stuff on a regular basis. This is where your mantras come in to play and why you NEED to have them. Mantras make it possible to shut yourself up. So use them accordingly.

This is where the rabbit hole of negative thoughts will take you.

I don’t have enough money for that right now. I never have enough money actually. Wow, I used to think I would have enough money by now. I know I won’t be able to achieve my goal without this but I just don’t have the money. When I don’t achieve this goal again, everyone will see me fail. When I fail again I might as well stop wanting this goal because I never make it happen. The lack of money has always stopped me and it has done it again. etc…..

What you just read is all the worry and negative that can occur when you have already told yourself why you can’t. When you have nothing to combat the self sabotage it will take over you.

What if there was a mantra you had to silence your thoughts before it even got to that point? This is what you are looking for when creating your mantras.

Before even having that entire inner dialogue with yourself about the lack of money, you have the chance to throw away the entire argument.

Mantra: Money comes easily to me at all times.

But how can this happen? Money comes easily to me at all time. You never have enough. I know now Money comes easily to me at all times. With every thought that gets thrown your way, your mantra sticks out as your barrier blocking out entry into your mind.

Some examples that have worked for me:

My progress is being built every second of this workout.

Money comes easily to me at all times.

My body is becoming what I envision and I love my results.

The success I crave has already been created for me, I just have to put forth the action to find it.

Negativity has no place in my life and positive thoughts overtake my soul.

I am happy. I am whole. I am complete already.

I am enough.

I am attracting the connections and relationships that are building my legacy.

I am grateful for all that is unfolding in my life and all that is yet to come.

Now it’s your turn.

What is it that you need to hear? The words that you have thought of while reading this were the ones that you already knew you needed. Creating your mantras is simple and empowering. I write down my mantras twice a day, and voice them without hesitation when someone else tells me that I can’t do something I have already decided I can.

Let me know what you come up with and how I can help support you.

For as a man thinketh, so is he. Proverbs 23:7