Hi, I’m Courtney and I change minds for a living.

I teach entrepreneurs how to change their lives by showing them how to change their minds.

What are some of the side effect after working with me?

  • Elimination of fear, worry and self-doubt resulting in a constant state of happiness

  • Bank accounts growing at rapid rates in amounts you only used to dream of

  • Expensive hobbies turning into money making magnets after becoming the boss in the business you created

  • Body confidence causing your new body goal to be becoming an even better version of yourself

  • Client & customer lead generation in business with ease and joy


It all started when…

I left my big girl corporate job with no back up plan and a slew of friends, family and coworkers that thought I had lost my mind. In reality, I was just in the beginning of actually understanding my own mind and the power held in my subconscious. I walked away from six-figures so that I could impact another seven-figure souls. The journey to this point and knowledge I have attained by studying to be the best version of my has allowed me to teach others how to do the same. From 100 pound weight-loss goals to breaking business records, I have been given this passion so that I can invite other and walk them through their own journey. The money, the business, and the body that you want is already yours for the claiming. Are you one of those people just like me? Let me show you how to change your life by changing your mind.


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